The webinar will address the “coming off of support” of dsNavigator that left many organizations in search of a new coding system. We will be discussing the challenges of moving to a new system and some of the advantages you should be looking for. We will discuss the importance of system configurability and the process of data migration. Additionally, we will be examining how to transfer data from one system to another including a demonstration of our own coding system. What exactly is the significance of being able to transfer data from one system to another? Coding requires an extensive implementation process and you will want to work with a partner who is able to assist you with scoping, installation, integrations, business processes, SOPs, validation and training. Attend this webinar to learn the benefits of a flexible coding system and how we can help you decide the most important aspects when choosing a new system. Attend this webinar for a live discussion on coding including these highlights: Learn about transferring data from one coding system to another, how the Eclipse coding tool can integrate with your current system to ours and also cut costs.
Eclipse is pleased to announce Jeff Linstad as the panelist of this upcoming coding webinar.
Mr. Linstad’s Clinical Technology career includes executive roles in the development and execution of global Clinical and Healthcare initiatives. With a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Merrimack College, Mr. Linstad leads, develops and directs the strategic clinical and healthcare technology operations for the clients of Eclipse Clinical Technology. Prior to joining Eclipse Clinical Technology, Mr. Linstad was employed by Phase Forward where he designed clinical solutions based on Phase Forward software (now Oracle Healthcare) to integrate with customers’ existing technical and non-technical processes.

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Eclipse is a clinical technology company that partners with its clients to deliver the RIGHT Clinical technology solutions and Clinical data management services to ensure successful clinical trials. Eclipse is ISO9001:2008 registered, a testament to its commitment to providing products and services that meet customer and legal requirements. Eclipse partners with Oracle Health Services to help clients leverage best-in-class Clinical technology solutions. It also offers proprietary software and clinical services solutions, all with the aim of reducing risk, increasing speed and delivering quality results in clinical trials.

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