Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) transcend the health care field into a more accurate and efficient environment. Eclipse Clinical Technology leverages the InForm EDC web services adapter for two-way integration, facilitating seamless transmission of clinical trial data and queries between systems. This InForm EDC integration permits the integration with EHR an EMR systems to streamline data entry in clinical trials.

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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digital record of health-related information of a patient. EMRs facilitate workflow, improves the quality of both patient care and safety and determines treatment and or a diagnosis. The EMR system can track the data of a patient over a history and also allows for a baseline monitoring of a patient’s condition.

Information stored in a typical EMR:

Electronic Health Record

(EHR) is a real-time, patient-centered record that allows information to be available securely and instantly to authorized users. Authorized users and different health care providers can share the electronic health records. The record contains the completed medical history of the patient and becomes a tool for providers to access. EHRs are real-time information streamlined data service that provides decision making for a diagnosis.


We will ensure that your clinical trial is successful and compliant with our customizable suite of advanced technology and hands-on support you will receive from our seasoned team of industry experts. The integration aligns with the existing queries enabling the freedom of choice of the best tools necessary for your study. Eclipse integrates all leading EDC (Medidata, OpenClinica), CTMS. Once the integration is complete and the data is on the Eclipse Clinical Technology EMRs can be routed to different EDCs. Incorporating EMR and EHR within your clinical trial transcends the field into a more efficient and accurate environment. There is a heightened awareness and relationship between the user and the site with this integration. The data is provided quicker, and the quality of the data is improved.


Using Electronic Health Record (EHR) in Clinical Trials help in effectively managing patient information and outcomes of clinical trials.

EHRs can screen and identify potential participants where organizations can recruit these participants suitable for a clinical trial. EHRs offer a more efficient measure of data-collection reducing its time and cost. Prescreening for eligibility and automatic selection is done through EHR before approaching any potential participant. Randomization of participants and informed consent can be done and obtained electronically. Outcomes of clinical trials can be recorded electronically, and organization can extract reports from the EHR database to access clinical outcome. The system manages patient information digitally where their information is secure and accessed only by authorized users.

Benefits of using EHR in Clinical Trials:

EMR/EHR Integration Assistance

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