Integration With Medidata Rave

Integration With Medidata Rave

Our integration offers a robust two-way data exchange between our clinical trial coding application and Medidata’s Rave platform, utilizing REST web services to manage the integration. This bidirectional integration ensures a synchronized workflow, enabling not only the transfer of coded values but also facilitating queries to go back and forth seamlessly.

Here's how our integrated solution enhances your clinical trial workflow

Effortless Data Transfer

Bidirectional integration enables the smooth transfer of coded values between our clinical trial coding application and Medidata’s Rave platform, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Additionally, our application provides mapping tools for importing and exporting data, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Real-Time Synchronized Workflow

Our integration ensures that data updates, including coded adverse events and concomitant medications, are synchronized in real-time between both systems, maintaining data consistency and accuracy throughout the trial process.

Streamlined Query Management

Our integrated solution facilitates the exchange of queries between the coding application and Medidata’s Rave platform. Queries initiated in either system are seamlessly synchronized, ensuring that query status and resolution updates are reflected accurately in both environments.

Eclipse Coding Query Workflow

Our integration ensures that the query workflow within Eclipse Coding matches the workflow within Medidata’s Rave platform. This alignment ensures consistency and eliminates discrepancies, ensuring that the query resolution process is seamless and efficient.

Query Resolution Synchronization

Eclipse Coding’s query workflow will not advance until the corresponding query is resolved on the Medidata Rave side. This synchronization ensures that query resolution progress is accurately reflected in both systems, preventing delays and maintaining data integrity.

Enhanced Efficiency

By automating data exchange and query management, our integration optimizes workflow efficiency, allowing clinical trial teams to focus on core activities while minimizing administrative overhead.

Comprehensive Support

Our integration solution is designed to handle a wide range of clinical trial scenarios, offering comprehensive support for adverse event coding, concomitant medication coding, and other critical data management tasks.
In summary, our integration capabilities offer a seamless and efficient solution for integrating our clinical trial coding application with Medidata’s Rave platform, utilizing real-time synchronization and REST web services. With bidirectional data exchange, synchronized query management, and alignment of query workflows, we empower clinical trial teams to streamline operations, enhance data accuracy, and drive success in their research endeavors.

Effortless Data Mapping

Our integration includes robust tools for mapping fields from Medidata’s Rave platform to Eclipse Coding, ensuring smooth synchronization of data between the two systems. This mapping capability simplifies the process of managing both incoming data synchronization and the export of data back to Medidata Rave. Moreover, exports can be easily scheduled, providing convenience and flexibility for clinical trial teams.


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