Coding Services

Coding Services

Welcome to our professional services for coding, versioning, training, and consulting tailored specifically for drug safety and clinical trials. To learn more about our coding tools, click here.

The Coding Team

Our coding team at Eclipse comprises certified MedDRA Coders (CMC) trained by MSSO, with extensive experience in medical coding and a solid understanding of GCP and related regulations. Our coders have successfully handled coding tasks for leading pharmaceutical and CRO companies, demonstrating excellence in MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries. We specialize in coding adverse events, medical history, indications, labs, suspect, and concomitant products in accordance with industry standards.

With expertise in the MedDRA Points to Consider document, our coders meticulously select the appropriate Lowest Level Term (LLT) for each verbatim, ensuring precision and accuracy in coding. Additionally, we offer support in developing coding conventions tailored to your specific requirements or seamlessly adapt to existing ones.

At Eclipse, we employ our proprietary coding tool, Eclipse Coding, to enhance efficiency and maintain consistency in coding practices. Eclipse Coding facilitates rapid autocoding, incorporates synonym list capabilities, enables impact analysis for quick data upversioning, and grants access to multiple dictionaries. Eclipse Coding now has Artificial Intelligence features to provide suggestions. Moreover, we are proficient in the latest WHODrug B3/C3 format, offering assistance in migrating your coded data to this newer standard.

Our security model lets your data management team participate as well. Your team can login anytime and review the work and progress of the coding tasks as the team drives to completion. Your team can take exports any time, or we can integrate directly with your source systems.

Outsourcing your coding tasks to Eclipse not only relieves the burden of costly in-house training but also contributes to reducing operational expenses. Whether you seek to augment your existing staff or fully outsource your coding requirements, Eclipse stands ready to provide tailored solutions to meet your needs effectively.

Coding Services

Streamline your operations by centralizing coding tasks with our expert team. Outsource your coding needs to us and alleviate the expenses and complexities associated with maintaining an in-house coding staff and thesaurus management system.

Supplement your existing coding resources with overflow coding support to ensure seamless workflow management.

Effortlessly transition legacy coding data to and from any dictionary with our comprehensive services.

Versioning Solutions

Ensure compliance and accuracy by upversioning all your previously coded data to each new release of MedDRA and WHO Drug.

Seamlessly migrate between any combination of MedDRA or WHO Drug versions, with the flexibility to skip over multiple versions as needed.

Consulting Expertise

Leverage our expertise in MedDRA and WHO Drug implementations to optimize your processes and systems for effective coding, analysis, and reporting.

Ensure the consistency and accuracy of your coded data with our thorough review services, whether it’s in-house or CRO-coded.

Develop and maintain company-specific coding conventions to streamline operations and enhance data quality.

Access informatics consulting and support to address any challenges related to dictionaries and their utilization.

AI in clinical coding

Unlocking the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in clinical trial coding revolutionizes the efficiency and accuracy of coding tasks, particularly for MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries. AI algorithms can analyze vast datasets and complex medical terminology, making intelligent suggestions for coding adverse events, medical history, indications, and more.

By leveraging AI, clinical trial professionals can streamline the coding process, significantly reducing manual effort and human error. AI-powered systems can suggest appropriate terms from MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries based on contextual analysis, historical data, and coding conventions. These suggestions not only accelerate coding speed but also enhance consistency and accuracy across coding practices.

Whether you require comprehensive outsourcing solutions or supplementary support for your existing operations, we offer customized services to meet your unique requirements. Trust our experienced team to deliver efficient, accurate, and reliable solutions for your coding needs.


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