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It’s becoming more challenging to hit enrollment targets for clinical trials due to competition from other clinical trials, physician engagement, inaccurate assessment of eligible patients, and perceived administrative burdens by the healthcare providers.


With the increase in numbers of clinical trials conducted each year, sponsors are finding that even their highest recruiting sites are not as reliable as they once were because they are providing patients to other clinical trials. One option to address this issue is to select other providers as clinical sites, but this creates a risk – is the new site prepared for conducting research? Even if this is true – is it worth the initial cost of site evaluation? InQHIR helps in this discovery by searching through the EHR systems of potential providers to determine the patient population at a potential site using the inclusion / exclusion criteria of the desired study. Know the prospective patient count before contacting the site for interest in participating in your trial and gauge the readiness of the site for clinical research based on key performance metrics on studies the site has already performed.


Even at very promising sites, enrollment targets can be missed if there is not highly engaged physicians at the site. Physicians often cite confusing or burdensome prerequisites for not referring patients to the trial. However, the reality is that the physician’s time is at such a premium they may not even be aware that they have patients in their care that would be eligible for a trial. InQHIR addresses all these needs by providing an online Knowledge Base and FAQ section for physicians to engage with in understanding the study protocol. InQHIR will also flag patients within the center’s own EHR system so that the physician is presented with a list of pre-screened candidates for the trial. From there, InQHIR provides a workflow engine that not only walks the physician through the process of contacting and assessing the fit of the trial for the patient but shares those metrics with the sponsor so that the sponsor company can measure the engagement of the site on the study.


If the inclusion and exclusion criteria are created so that they are too restrictive the result is missed patient recruitment targets. Sponsors may only realize this after they get feedback from sites explaining their screening failures. InQHIR provides predictive modeling to determine the impact of inclusion / exclusion criteria on enrollment targets. Leverage the modeling to target organizations or geographic areas that even take into account competing trials within the network facilities.


Even the most experienced clinical sites complain about the administrative burdens of managing a clinical trial within their facility. As if engaging with patients was not challenging enough, reporting back to sponsors on the progress and potential enrollment requires new processes to which they are not accustomed. Invoicing requirements and untimely payments can discourage a site from participating with a sponsor organization. InQHIR provides tools to ease this burden and make it easy for both the site to provide key performance indicators and process the business requirements associated with the trial. One-click engagements for a call or email to the patient make it easier to get the information to the patient, but also automatically update standard reports that keep the sponsor informed of the activity at the site. InQHIR also integrates with the Accounts Payable system of the sponsor so invoices are easily sent and validated reducing the cycles for payment and thus the frustration of the clinical site.


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