Integration Services

Eclipse™ Integration for Clinical Efficiency

Eclipse™ integration services enable the sharing of processes and business data between multiple clinical technology applications. Whether it is an on-premise or cloud application, Eclipse will transform and orchestrate the data required for business workflows. These integrations address several business needs and can be anything from EDC and Coding applications to EHR / EMR platforms to pharmacovigilance or safety systems.


Integrate with RWD and RWE to reach the full potential within an industry. Organize and deliver the best results while controlling costs and improving the outcomes and promoting healthcare. Foster a greater understanding and a…

InForm EDC

Next-generation sequencing is an advanced technique that identifies mutations and variants in an individual’s DNA or genome. Not only does it optimize patient’s access to clinical trials where they might obtain the greatest ..


The integration between EHR and EMR align with the existing queries enabling freedom of choice of the best tools for your study. The data on the EMRs can be routed to different EDCs optimizing accuracy, and efficiency within your clinical trial…


Integrating with eConsent allows for patients to make a well-informed decision regarding their participation of a clinical trial. The digital interaction and criteria of informed consent remains the same though removes the use of paper allowing consent …

The Eclipse Clinincal Technology Metasite in Action.

Eclipse receives Phase I funding to develop a framework of new technologies which enable the remote diagnosis of visual, CT, US and XRAY images.
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Eclipse, a clinical technology service organization, has launched a new brand...
Eclipse, a clinical technology company, launches Interactive Response Technology (IRT) system
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