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We are your partner in harnessing advanced solutions for streamlined clinical trials. Discover cutting-edge technologies designed to revolutionize clinical trials and streamline research processes. Explore our array of advanced solutions, tailored to elevate your clinical research endeavors.

InForm Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Meet the industry’s leading electronic data capture solution. It supports complex, global clinical trials through automation and workflows, standards-based integration and…

Eclipse Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Our EDC solutions simplify data collection, aggregation and analytics. The intuitive and easy to use interface and query management features drive efficiency through the..

Interactive Response Technology (IRT)

This fully integrated web and interactive phone technology solution optimizes patient randomization and global supply chain management with on-demand access to clinical data.

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

A scalable, secure and regulatory compliant cloud-based clinical trial operations and analytics solution that enables better decisions on R&D investments, optimizes clinical trial …


Eclipse provides hosting, support, training and development for Coding, EDC, IRT, CTMS and Safety. As a member of the Oracle Partner Network, we provide a solution specifically…

Eclipse Mobile

Mobile devices have become a part of our everyday lives causing a significant impact in many industries including healthcare. With a long history of leveraging leading software…

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