Eclipse™ is proud to partner with some of the best in the business. Our elite collaborators include:

Bridgehead Software

Eclipse partners with Bridgehead Software for integration with their HealthStore® solution. BridgeHead’s HealthStore enables organizations to consolidate, store, protect, and provide access to all healthcare data for a patient, including information within the Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) as well as data that does not typically reside in the EHR used for clinical and operational needs. This includes medical images that are scattered throughout the enterprise (such as those found in radiology, cardiology, dermatology, wound care, etc.) or healthcare information, such as clinical reports and financial data that may be stored in older systems running within a hospital.

HealthStore provides an enterprise-class, secure, standards-based, central repository for this data, available to those that need it, when they need it, whether accessed directly or through a hospital’s primary system (such as an EHR, PACS, clinical portal, etc.).


As a CRO Advantage Partner with Oracle Health Business Unit, we help companies leverage best-in-class technology solutions such as Interactive Response Technologies and Clinical Trial Software. We’re committed to keeping our clients’ unique needs in mind as we implement and service these products.