In the fourth part of our series entitled Important Considerations when Shopping for EDC, we will discuss how a company will obtain a demonstration or sandbox access.

Obtaining a demonstration or sandbox access:Even with the most elaborate vendor selection process and most in-depth demonstration series you could possibly procure from software vendors, you may still never know what it is like to use the system until you actually get into the system. So why not ask for a sandbox or demonstration server? If the vendor is providing a hosted solution – this should be relatively easy for them to do and possibly they already have such an environment in place. If you are able to secure such an environment, you should be targeted in your approach. Test your workflows with how the vendor’s system works. Double check your scoring of critical features and functionality. Does your score change now that you have had the opportunity to use that feature directly?Next week, we will examine and confirm that the EDC System can integrate with other systems that can add useful features.

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