Oracle releases InForm 7.0 with long-awaited new functionality within the Electronic Data Capture System. One area that Oracle improved InForm is in Source Verification.

In Set SV Settings, trying to change the form level value to the same value it already has by default now brings the following message: “Cannot set the override value to be same as the Form default value.” The message that appeared in previous releases may have been confusing but is now clear to build create efficiency within the InForm system.

Below find what changes were made with the 7.0 version of InForm within the general documentation.

• All of the guides in the InForm 7.0 documentation set are rebranded to reflect the new InForm 7.0 Suite release, and each guide has a
new part number.
• The System Requirements guide now includes the requirements for the InForm, InForm Adapter, and InForm Publisher components.
• The Installation Guide now includes the installation instructions for the InForm, InForm Adapter, and InForm Publisher components.
• The Upgrade and Migration Guide now includes instructions for migrating previous releases of InForm, InForm Adapter, and InForm
Publisher to this release.”

The InForm EDC platform is renowned for its trusted performance and scalability. The software receives outstanding reviews and is viewed as one of the industry’s best. InForm EDC simplifies data collection, aggregation, and analytics. InForm EDC has more successful submissions to the FDA than any other EDC system- including Medidata Rave. InForm EDC is one of the leading clinical trial software that integrates with our certified coding application Eclipse Coding. The development as a hosted solution reduces hardware cost, validation efforts and organizational impact. With a full suite of reporting and transfer features, the InForm EDC provides you with everything you need to run a clinical research study from setup to submission.

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