Within Oracle’s new release of InForm 7.0 there are many new things which have better the performance of the EDC software.

The SHA1 Certificate is no longer supported due to it being an outdated security protocol. InForm Adapter validated the signature sent in request by integrations calling InForm Adapter interface, which in turn attempt to sign messages using the SHA256 security protocol only. Customers need to review that their downstream application uses SHA1, and if they do, replace it with SHA2.
Additionally InForm 7.0 version has new Safety Subscriber additions.

InForm Publisher can now send any source data to any target dataset through multiple dynamic grids. In previous releases, InForm Publisher was only able to send data for Adverse Event to multiple dynamic grids. This functionality has been extended to all datasets. This improvement affects users who perform InForm-Argus integrations.
A new system setting (called NarrativeUpdatesOnly) allows sponsors to send only updated to the narrative in a follow-up transmission or to continue to send the previous entire narrative entries plus the new update in each follow-up transmission. In the previous InForm released each time the site sent updated to the narrative InForm Publisher added that entry to previous narrative and sent it along with all previous narrative entries the site had entered up to that point.

One last new addition that was made in the 7.0 version of InForm in the safety subscriber category involves the mapping in the
SafetyLogicalSchema DataMap. When you send a LabTestName it is mapped as a code list in the SateyLogicSchema DataMap and InForm Publisher it now sends the label for the code list instead of the value for the lab test name. If the item is not a code list item, InForm Publisher sends the value stored for the item. This improvement affects users who perform InForm-Argus interactions.

The InForm EDC platform is renowned for its trusted performance and scalability. The software receives outstanding reviews and is viewed as one of the industry’s best. InForm EDC simplifies data collection, aggregation, and analytics. InForm EDC has more successful submissions to the FDA than any other EDC system- including Medidata Rave. InForm EDC is one of the leading clinical trial software that integrates with our certified coding application Eclipse Coding. The development as a hosted solution reduces hardware cost, validation efforts and organizational impact. With a full suite of reporting and transfer features, the InForm EDC provides you with everything you need to run a clinical research study from setup to submission.

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