Oracle’s new version of InForm 7.0 has many new additions and changes within their Reporting-Standing reports.
There is a new Rights Group History Report. This report provides details on the audit trial for the addition and revocation of rights to a rights group in your InForm studies at the time the report is generated. Historical Login Report is renamed to Historical InForm Access Report, to better describe the purpose of the report.

Whilst the functionality of this Report has not changed in InForm 7.0, it has been renamed to more accurately reflect the information the report includes for Single Sign-On Studies, in that it lists the time an SSO user begins accessing an InForm study, as opposed to the time the SSO user logs in to their SSO account (which could be prior to accessing a given InForm study)

For this same reason, the Login Date/Time report column is renamed to Session Start Date/Time, to make it clear that the data identifies when an (SSO) user logs into InForm (versus logging in to their SSO account).
The access provided by the InForm Reporting Group Ad Hoc Users has been changed, in that this group will no longer provide access to the IBM Query Studio Interface, and instead provide access to the IBM Cognos Reporting* interface.

Access to Cognos Query Studio has been revoked from InForm Reporting in 7.0 because IBM are deprecating this feature of IBM Cognos Analytics, with their recommendation that all Report-based usage be transitioned to using their Reporting interface. An additional benefit to this change is that browser support for Query Studio was limited to Internet Explorer 11 (which is not supported in InForm 7.0), but Cognos Reporting is supported for use with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Reports created with Query Studio can still be run in InForm 7.0, and can be edited if they are converted to a Cognos Reporting Report. For more information on this simple process, see the Reporting and Analysis User Guide.
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