Eclipse’s global partnership with Bridgehead Software brings together complementary solutions and services for the integration of healthcare data with the leading systems within clinical trial software
Exeter, NH – November 16, 2021 – Eclipse Clinical Technology, a leader in clinical trial software integration and automation, today announced a strategic partnership with Bridgehead Software, a leader in healthcare data management. Together, the two companies are able to further extend their reach within the life sciences market by offering complementary solutions and services that help Pharmaceutical, Device and Diagnostic companies to extract and consolidate data across their clinical trial sites and leverage that information to improve clinical trial efficiencies, bringing new products to market, faster.

As the number of clinical trials continues to grow globally, sponsor companies face increased competition to recruit patients for their studies while losing precious cycles screening patients that don’t match the profile. In addition, hospitals struggle to provide the data within the timescales required by the sponsor companies. BridgeHead and Eclipse bridge the gap between healthcare and life sciences markets by delivering the unstructured data of healthcare in the structured format life sciences demands.

BridgeHead’s HealthStore® solution enables organizations to consolidate, store, protect, and provide access to all healthcare data for a patient, including information within the Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) as well as data that does not typically reside in the EHR used for clinical and operational needs. This includes medical images that are scattered throughout the enterprise (such as those found in radiology, cardiology, dermatology, wound care, etc.) or healthcare information, such as clinical reports and financial data that may be stored in older systems running within a hospital.

HealthStore provides an enterprise-class, secure, standards-based, central repository for this data, available to those that need it, when they need it, whether accessed directly or through a hospital’s primary system (such as an EHR, PACS, clinical portal, etc.).

Eclipse Clinical Technology offers cutting-edge integration, workflow automation, data transformation and exchange between healthcare systems and leading Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Safety systems. Eclipse’s strength in clinical research and clinical data has allowed the company to develop a range of best-in-class solutions that systematize and automate data movement and migration, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the information (whether patient identities or demographic data), regardless of the complexity of the originating system(s).

Together BridgeHead and Eclipse help life sciences companies generate data-driven study planning, accelerate patient recruitment, shorten the data collection process, and populate synthetic controls for comparator studies.

Mike Ball, Chief Business Development Officer at BridgeHead Software, explains: “We’re delighted to partner with Eclipse Clinical Technology. It’s a fantastic match. When a sponsor organization needs to aggregate data from across their sites, whether they be hospitals or a group of facilities, BridgeHead is able to immediately ingest and index that information into the HealthStore repository, where it is stored, protected, and made available to Eclipse, ‘in patient context.’ Eclipse is then able to add structure and make it available to the sponsor organizations through the systems they are already using. The combined offering delivers a true 360-degree patient view that will improve data quality, clinical outcomes, decrease trial cost, and reduce project risk while improving operational efficiencies.”

Leslie Bihari, Jr., President & CEO of Eclipse Clinical Technology, commented: “Our relationship with BridgeHead has given us the opportunity to bridge a gap long in the making. BridgeHead has provided a solution that enables the transfer of information across the disparate systems of healthcare so that we, in life sciences research, can add structure to that information so that it is suitable for integration with the systems used in clinical trials. This is a truly exciting partnership with endless opportunities to improve both sponsor companies’ access to the information and healthcare organizations’ access to clinical trials.”

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