TMS Coding

Eclipse provides hosting, support, training and development for Coding, EDC, IRT, CTMS and Safety. As a member of the Oracle Partner Network, we provide a solution specifically configured for your dictionary management and coding needs.

When TMS is hosted in eclipse hosting facility, eclipse can provide a web-services wrapper to the TMS product for SaaS integration. This allows for real-time integration when the data source or data target is non-proximal to the TMS server.

Eclipse has an overwhelming commitment to quality. In addition to multiple sponsor audits we have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification as demonstration of the robustness of Quality Management systems.

The InForm 6 EDC platform is also one of the leading platforms that integrates with web-based coding application for the conduct of medical and drug coding in clinical trials.

Eclipse coding workflow streamlines the coding process and improves coding efficiencies. Manage and code with multiple dictionaries, versions and formats. Code all studies one at a time.

As clinical research continues to demand innovative approaches to support and increasingly challenging market, we help sponsors meet those challenges with highly rated data management services and technology to ensure clinical trials are a success.

Our obsession with client service and the use of innovative technology from Oracle makes us well suited to deliver the right solutions for your unique clinical development projects.

Coding Benefits:

  • Provides users with multi-trial, multi-center connectivity in SaaS environment, allowing efficient management of coding across global trials
  • Significantly reduces manual coding efforts for leading dictionaries with customized algorithms, synonym lists and rule-based propagation functions
  • Integrates with EDC systems permitting site-querying functionality for coding resolution
  • Users provided with role-based authorization matrix including manifested hierarchies for approval workflow and overrides
  • Provides users ready-to-run reports for coding classification, consistency, coded items and user reports interactive reporting screens for coding classification, coded items, approved items and multiple workflow steps
  • Allows coding, term and dictionary upgrades within an active study-code to multiple dictionaries concurrently allowing more productivity for users
  • Certified by Uppsala Monitoring Center
  • Proven track record as a reliable partner for a large amount of users through our quality of tools and services offered
  • Our unique codes benefit pharmaceutical companies who have clinical studies to better annotate concomitant medication, data, and submit different results


Eclipse proudly integrates with Oracle solutions

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