Mobile devices, use of computers, wearables and other biosensors to gather and store amounts of health-related data has been rapidly accelerating. The data has the potential to allow one to better deign and conduct clinical trials and studies in the healthcare setting. With the development of these new analytical capabilities there is improvement on analyzing and applying the results to medical product development and approval.

Real World Data

Real World Data (RWD) works to give providers the best possible information to consistently make great decisions for their patient populations. RWD plays an increasingly important role within clinical research and health care decision making. Real world data (RWD) are data which relate to patient health status. RWD delivers health care information that is routinely collected from a variety of sources.

Real World Evidence

Real World Evidence (RWE) is clinical evidence that is derived from the real-world data pertaining to the potential benefits and risks of a specific medical therapy. RWE enhances the understanding for researchers to examine interventions and can have this understanding of a patient’s lifetime rather than throughout the RCT period. The evidence creates more awareness on diseases, products and patient populations.

Integration with RWD & RWE

Eclipse Clinical Technology allows the integration with both real-world data and real-world evidence. The integration is paired with the integration of EHR. Working to integrate data allows for the full potential within an industry to occur. When enterprises have all information gathered from multiple sources in one place it becomes more efficient to extract actionable insights easily. It allows the organizations to deliver the best results while also controlling cost, improving outcomes, and promoting healthcare and wellness.

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