InForm EDC

InForm Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system from Oracle Life Sciences is one of the leading EDC systems in the clinical trial space.  InForm EDC is a highly favored application of clinical trial sites around the world.

Eclipse Clinical Technology integrates InForm with other leading clinical trial software including:

  • Safety and Pharmacovigilance software like Argus Safety
  • Medical Coding systems like Eclipse Medical Coding
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) like Meditech
  • Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) like Siebel

Eclipse Clinical Technology leverages the InForm EDC web services adapter for two-way integration so that clinical trial data and queries may be transferred between systems seamlessly.

InForm EDC integration:

  • Permits integration with EHR and EMR systems to streamline data entry in clinical trials
  • Permits integration with CTMS systems to prevent double-data entry and more efficient business processes associated with clinical trial management
  • Shares data with multiple consumers simultaneously eliminating data silos throughout the organization

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