The Importance of Language Translation in Clinical Trials

The past decade has witnessed a rapid expansion of clinical trial market into diverse cultures and languages. This development has increased awareness of the complexity of running global clinical trials and resulting language challenges. The issue of language is particularly critical as accuracy of research and drug development process is key to achieving successful results.…

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Maintaining the Blind

In clinical trials maintaining the study blind is critical. A compromise in blinding can cost a study team subjects, drug kits or in the most extreme circumstances, the study itself. Careful consideration should be given when dealing with any information that could be potentially unblinding. Types of things in a trial that could be potentially…

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Wearable Technology in Clinical Trials

The emerging landscape of wearables with advanced sensor technology has the potential to improve the clinical research industry by improving patient monitoring and reducing costs and improving quality of data as the trial subjects can be continuously bio-monitored. The following are some examples of the smart wear technology that can be potentially used in the…

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Tips For Getting Quality Clinical Trial Data for Data Managers

Importance of proper data collection is manifold as it drives the outcome of a clinical trial. Clinical trial data should be accurate, timely and verifiable. Poor data is regarded as oil spill by some, as it is difficult to clean up and involves time and money. Here are a few tips to ensure quality data collection thereby leading to sound clinical trials and better business.

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