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Predicting patient enrollment at clinical trial sites is challenging. We’ve developed a robust solution using claims data analysis. By scrutinizing physician billing records over the past 12 months, we gauge patient volume, enhancing site selection and trial efficiency. This data-driven approach ensures optimal resource utilization, advancing medical research.

Insights for Optimization

We offer site analysis, patient demographics breakdown, and assessment of low-enrolling sites. As an introduction, we assess up to five active sites. Review our sample report.

Proactive Performance Optimization

Early identification of performance gaps allows timely intervention. We collaborate with site staff to implement strategies, minimizing risks and driving trial success.

Sample Report

Includes analysis of five active sites, advancements, and proposals for improvement. Our service offers actionable recommendations, collaborating closely with site staff for productivity maximization.

Enhanced Services

We provide comprehensive site analysis, tailored recommendations, strategic resource allocation, and collaborative support.

Sponsor Patient Recruitment Solutions

Enrollment challenges stem from competition, physician engagement issues, patient assessment inaccuracies, and administrative burdens.

Further Services Offered

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