Revolutionizing Clinical Trials with EHR Integration

At Eclipse Clinical Technology, we’re revolutionizing the clinical trial landscape through the seamless integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR). This integration transforms the way patient information is managed, resulting in streamlined processes, enhanced patient recruitment, and more efficient trial outcomes. 

Improving Research Sites for Successful Trials

Pharma companies look for experience and infrastructure when selecting a site for a trial.  But don’t worry,  Eclipse has you covered.  We’re committed to elevating the essential components that define exceptional research sites. Eclipse Clinical Technology offers a team of clinical trial experts and a robust EDC-EHR integration. This integration ensures streamlined data entry, higher data quality, and a secure flow of clinical information. Our experienced staff understands compliance, study conduct, and procedures, while our site history reflects previous involvement in studies of similar scope and complexity. Specializing in specific target diseases enables better patient criteria understanding and more successful patient recruitment. Sites with registered patients meeting study criteria provide a head start in meeting enrollment targets. 

Key Benefits of EHR Integration

Patient Identification and Eligibility Screening becomes more efficient, saving time and effort by swiftly identifying eligible patients based on specific criteria. 

Data-Driven Patient Matching ensures accurate patient selection, thanks to advanced data analysis that matches patients with necessary characteristics, conditions, and histories. 

Automated Data Entry Into EDC means less double-data entry into the sponsor’s selected EDC system.

Real-time Patient Tracking allows for continuous monitoring and assessment throughout the trial, aiding patient suitability evaluation and compliance management. 

Automated Communication keeps potential participants informed promptly, fostering engagement and understanding of trial details. 

Informed Consent Process is enhanced through electronic consent forms and multimedia presentations, improving participants’ understanding and quality of consent. 

Centralized Data Repository supports comprehensive patient data access, aiding in patient eligibility evaluation for different trials. 

Optimizing Patient Recruitment

Our EHR integration expedites the clinical trial recruitment phase by reducing reliance on time-consuming pre-screening methods. It enables the identification of potential participants round the clock, and automates complex inclusion and exclusion criteria, resulting in quicker enrollment and improved efficiency. This approach empowers research teams to focus on eligible participants, increasing capacity for broader clinical research studies. The integration ensures no eligible candidates are overlooked, bolstering the chances of successful trial outcomes. Moreover, it significantly reduces recruitment costs for sponsors, expediting the delivery of transformative treatments to those in need.

Increase the impact of your research team

  • Spend less time reviewing ineligible patients
  • Focus on screening, enrolling, and caring for more qualified candidates
  • Grow your capacity to participate in additional clinical research studies
  • Ensure no eligible candidates are missed

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