InForm Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

The InForm EDC platform is renowned for its trusted performance and scalability. The software receives outstanding reviews and is viewed as one of the industry’s best. InForm EDC simplifies data collection, aggregation, and analytics. InForm EDC has more successful submissions to the FDA than any other EDC system- including Medidata Rave. InForm EDC is one of the leading clinical trial software that integrates with our certified coding application Eclipse Coding. The development as a hosted solution reduces hardware cost, validation efforts and organizational impact. With a full suite of reporting and transfer features, the InForm EDC provides you with everything you need to run a clinical research study from setup to submission.

Inform EDC Benefits

Benefits of InForm EDC

  • Robust scalability
  • High-performance and accessibility with our world-class hosting facility
  • Quick study design and implementation with library features (includes standard CDASH library)
  • Easy data entry and management with our intuitive interface with workflow driven navigation
  • Improved data quality with automated multivariate queries
  • Driven data completion with integrated query resolution tools
  • Remote monitoring and sophisticated source verification tools
  • Multi-Study Drug and Event coding with integrated eclipse coder
  • Easy data transfer and integration in CDISC formats

Relevance of InForm EDC

InForm EDC’s interface and query management features drives efficiency through the clinical data management process. The software (the same key word as previously mentioned) has been used in over 3,000 clinical trials worldwide. This interface eases the process with fully compliant CDISC SDTM exports. The data summary and reconciliation reports were developed in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the FDA. InForm provides the leading functionality in electronic data management.

Eclipse Involvement with InForm EDC

Eclipse coding works to conduct pharmacovigilance coding and safety coding. Eclipse Coding workflow streamlines the coding process and improves clinical trial coding efficiencies. This allows one to manage and code with multiple dictionaries, version and formats.

Code all clinical trials at one time.

As clinical research continues to demand innovative approaches for clinical trial software, we help sponsors meet those challenges with highly rated electronic data management services and clinical trial technology to ensure your trials are a success. Our obsession with client service and the use of innovative clinical trial software from Oracle makes us well suited to deliver the right solutions for your unique clinical trial


So What’s Next?

There are many factors in choosing a new EDC system and we talked about quite a few of them here. If you would like to explore your EDC software options further please schedule a consultation with one of our EDC experts.

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