Pharmacogenomics (PGX)

Pharmacogenomics is a well-researched field. Since 1960, there’s been over 15,000 publications released about the field. In recent years, pharmacogenomics testing has seen a significant increase in clinical utility. Its role in optimization of clinical trials is becoming increasingly evident as it can help prevent ADRs, minimize side effects and enable cost efficiencies due to minimization of medication waste. It’s also a welcome alternative to the trial-and-error approach to medication selection.

Pharmacogenomics information indicates optimal route, dose and/or frequency of administration and allows doctors to help manage patient medication and dosing changes more effectively.
The FDA advocates clinical pharmacogenomics because of its potential to increase efficacy and safety.

Randomizing, enrolling study subjects and managing drug supply is crucial to the success of clinical trials, regardless of phase. In today’s Internet-savvy world, Interactive Web Response Systems are quickly replacing outmoded and time-consuming Interactive Voice Response Systems. Eclipse’s automated randomization systems use the latest statistical methods, programming and validation procedures. Along with our pharmacogenomics services, this ensures quick, accurate, valid and balanced patient assignments.

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