InForm EDC What’s Fixed?

January 28, 2022

With Oracle’s release of InForm 7.0 many things have been amended.

The issue of navigating the subject’s section is a study had many visits and forms per subject, the page took long to load, and in some cases result in a denial of service was amended. The performance for the subject’s section has been optimized resulting in shorter load times when navigating the page.

Many other issues have been resolved. The following lists the solutions made to resolve multiple issues found in the previous InForm version.

  • InForm no longer does running mapping rules in batch mode result in memory corruption. Study copies and study important into an existing instance no longer cause invalid objects to be created and deployment no longer fails for this reason.
  • Forms now show the signature status and reflect the latest signature status if the signature is invalidated at the same time it is submitted for signing.
  • When you re-sign the form after it is invalidated the CRF signatures now display the latest signatures as expected.
  • You can now freeze or unfreeze a form in a source verified casebook as expected
  • During deployment, customers with a very large number of subjects no longer run into timeouts because of SVAUTOSELECTRATE value changes
  • There is no longer a discrepancy in how InForm and InForm Adapter store the status of checkbox options.
  • If an existing Code list Item Label is changed, or an additional Code list Item is added through an in-place revision and the updated/ added Code list Item Label value length exceeds the length of all pre-existing Code list Items Label, the length of the corresponding RD_ view column for the Code list Item is now increased to mirror the new Label value length, as expected.

The InForm EDC platform is renowned for its trusted performance and scalability. The software receives outstanding reviews and is viewed as one of the industry’s best. InForm EDC simplifies data collection, aggregation, and analytics. InForm EDC has more successful submissions to the FDA than any other EDC system- including Medidata Rave. InForm EDC is one of the leading clinical trial software that integrates with our certified coding application Eclipse Coding. The development as a hosted solution reduces hardware cost, validation efforts and organizational impact. With a full suite of reporting and transfer features, the InForm EDC provides you with everything you need to run a clinical research study from setup to submission.


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